What is Quarantine Poetry?

Each weekend, for however long we’re hunkered down inside, you’ll get an audio postcard sailing into your inbox. I’ll read a poem about nature—from dramatic vistas to humble, miraculous leaves—and hopefully transport you for a few minutes.

Why poetry about nature? Why now?

Because the world currently feels bound by four walls, and it’s nice to be reminded that it’s enormous, elegant, and grand, and also mind-bogglingly small. It’s diverse, teeming, and indifferent to us. If we can’t roam around the natural world right now, at least we can be reminded that it exists, and that writers have been in awe of it.

Who makes this thing?

Hi! I’m Jessica Hester. I’m a science reporter and writer in Brooklyn, where I geek out over trees and shorelines and often dream of being a park ranger. You can find my work here.

Who drew these rad illustrations?

I’m glad you asked! The banner and logo were sketched by Michelle Cassidy. You can find more of her art here.

Can I suggest a poem?

Please do! The best way is to reply to one of these newsletters, or message me on Twitter.